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In response to: Configuring LS_COLORS

Comment from: peter [Visitor]

you can use rgb colors too, same as html, eg (powershell syntax to set the variable) the sql value here: $env:LS_COLORS=’no=0:*.txt=38;5;178:*.rpm=38;5;220;1:*.ps1=38;5;190:*.sql=38;2;255;0;0;48;2;0;255;0′
15/05/24 @ 10:14

I happened to stumble on here when trying to remember how to query for hidden files, and I happened to take a look at the comments.

The first comment: great! An actually beneficial and useful comment that is worth posting on a site like this.

Craig’s comment is an absolute waste of time and was laughably referred to as constructive criticism. I’m hoping Craig was just having a bad day. If not, I certainly hope Craig is not responsible for architecting software and managing teams.

I’m certainly not a die-hard lover of Clearcase and would opt to use git whenever possible, but people that bash Clearcase without recognizing some of the feature benefits it has over other tools like git, have clearly not used Clearcase enough to provide reputable critiques of the tool. To throw additional salt in the wound, in case you decide to post dumb ass comments on other blogs in the future, the following is a good template to follow for people to give a shit what you have to say: “Although the tool ____ provides the following features: ____, ____, & ____, the tool ____ does a better job at ____. Although the following are tradeoffs with using ____, under the conditions _____, it is more suitable.”

19/07/23 @ 21:40

In response to: Configuring LS_COLORS

Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Who knew ls colours could get so complicated! Thank you for the post, tres helpful. ps. Did you ever consider adding colour to your post about ls colours?
03/12/22 @ 21:35

In response to: Rules of a ThreadPoolExecutor pool size

Comment from: Fabian [Visitor]


Thank you very much for this, to implement it like you suggested I did this

“There is an interesting method allowCoreThreadTimeOut(boolean) which allows core threads to be killed after given idle time. Setting this to true and setting core threads = max threads allows the thread pool to scale between 0 and max threads”

as written by Jaroslaw Pawlak in: Stackoverflow: Core Pool Size vs Maximum Pool Size in ThreadPoolExecutor

14/11/22 @ 13:35

In response to: Reporting bugs in Spring Tool Suite (STS)

Comment from: kirisakow [Visitor]


That’s not working in 2022.

Lately, as it is mentioned on the https://spring.io/community page, reporting bugs is happening on Github: https://github.com/spring-projects

01/09/22 @ 22:02

In response to: Text reader for Ubuntu

Comment from: Alina Lapina [Visitor]

Alina Lapina

Great stuff! Thank you!

Steps 9-11 didn’t work for me, the setup didn’t make the reading stop. I also modified the reading command to control voice and pitch:

bash -c "xsel | sed -e :a -e '$!N;s/\n/ /;ta'| espeak -v mb-us2 -p 0"

31/07/22 @ 08:16

In response to: Groovy - Could not create SecurityManager

Comment from: Matt [Visitor]


I want to thank you for this post - it saved me a lot of time and trouble.

I was surprised why a Homebrew package would be so broken, so I did some digging about the root cause… I can’t say what the root cause is for you, but for me it’s because I had $JAVA_HOME set to a Java 11 implementation. Support for -Djava.security.SecurityManager=allow seems to have been added in Java 12. Search for “allow” (including quote marks) [here](https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/12/docs/api/java.base/java/lang/SecurityManager.html) vs [here](https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/11/docs/api/java.base/java/lang/SecurityManager.html)

31/05/22 @ 20:17

In response to: Checking if you are on the homepage

Comment from: Rosy Stephen [Visitor]

Rosy Stephen
$controller = Yii::$app->controller;
$default_controller = Yii::$app->defaultRoute;
$isHome = (($controller->id.'/'.$controller->action->id === $default_controller)
       && ($controller->action->id === $controller->defaultAction)) ? true : false;
20/04/21 @ 12:09
This article is now 12 years old. Clearcase is practically dead and git is the new king. I’ve been on git for the last 5 years or so but I still miss all the bundled tools you got with Clearcase for dealing with branches and cherry-picking commits. The first person to bleet on about cherry-picking gets a slap with a wet fish: this is corporate world and last minute deals are made by squeezing features in on to branches they were never supposed to be on!
26/01/21 @ 13:59

In response to: Configuring LS_COLORS

Comment from: Alan G [Visitor]

Alan G
I agree with Pedro, 12 years and running, this post is still helpful to people. Thanks for writing it and sharing what you have learned. The crazy directory highlight/background color in Windows 10’s WSL Ubuntu 20.04 was driving me nuts.
29/12/20 @ 13:41