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Tags: upgrading

Upgrading Plesk from PSA_10.2.0 to PSA_10.3.0

July 9th, 2011
I had just had a bit of an "oh shit" moment! So thought I'd blog how I got out of it. Parallels is the company that produces Plesk. On the whole it's a pretty good bit of server software which helps to manage a single machine that supports many virtu… more »

Upgrading Plesk 8.6.0 to 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 to 9.2.1

August 14th, 2009
A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded one of my Plesk boxes from 8.6.0 to 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 to 9.2.1. All of the upgrade went really well, and everything seemed to work. A week or 2 later, I had a report that all the Mailman lists weren't working. One could… more »

Upgrading Plesk 8.3.0 to 8.4.0 to 8.6.0

September 9th, 2008
I thought about upgrading my plesk box a while ago, but I heard that version 8.4.0 had a load of problems. I waited for the dust to settle and decided that there were too many things it broke, so I thought I'll give this one a miss. Forgot about it for a… more »

Plesk Awstat forgets the monthly statistics

July 8th, 2008
Plesk 8.3 awstats only shows the current month's log statistics. The monthly history from previous months is forgotten.Cause:Awstat's configuration files all point to a working directory of $DOMAIN_STATS/webstat/current. There is a daily job which… more »