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Eclipse 3.8 and Eclipse 4.2 - Juno - New and Noteworthy

December 12th, 2011
My previous New and Noteworthy articles always generate a lot of extra traffic, so here it is for the simultaneous release of Eclipse 3.8 and Eclipse 4.2 Juno release. I will update this page when the New and Noteworthy pages become available.… more »

Come back Eclipse all is forgiven

August 19th, 2011
I have complained about Eclipse IDE in the past because it can be a little tricky to set things up especially when it comes to web development and JEE. That all stops now! Recently, I have been using C-sharp (c#) with Visual Studio 10 and IIS 7 and have… more »

BeanCreationException NoClassDefFoundError org/hibernate/usertype/UserType during Tomcat start up

July 6th, 2011
I have just spent the last 2 days looking for why my Spring container (under Tomcat) was getting ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError during start up. There is so much mis-leading stuff in the Internet. I had 2 projects in Eclipse: the cor… more »

Running Python in debug mode under Eclipse

April 21st, 2011
Download and install Eclipse Even though you will be developing Python you will still need Eclipse with the Java SDK. I think this is for 2 reasons. Firstly Python support for Eclipse is in the form of an Eclipse plug-in as opposed to a fully… more »

Eclipse - New and Noteworthy

November 16th, 2010
The Eclipse Project's web site is notoriously difficult to navigate and find New and Noteworthy information so I started grouping them together here. The proof is in the pudding and these pages have been extremely successful. The Eclipse site is getting… more »