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Archives for: April 2012

Hibernate exception - attempted to assign id from null one-to-one property

April 26th, 2012
This was a tricky one to solve! Tricky because the exception doesn't happen at the point of error - it happens down the line at the time you try to commit a transaction. This is one of those error messages you just need to know. Here is the top of the exception's stack trace. Almost all of the rest of the stack trace is inside hibernate and doesn't give you any kind of clue as to the cause. more »

It's simple you can just merge main\LATEST into your private branch...

April 24th, 2012
Everyone keeps saying "It's simple you can merge [Clearcase] main\LATEST into your private branch" but I'm pretty sure that almost no one understands what this involves. In fact several people have spoken to me with problems relating to just that. more »

NRA Open Day Ticket Sales

April 23rd, 2012
NRA Open Day 5 May 2012 Ticket sales more »

Creating a mail list inside Lotus Notes

April 16th, 2012
Mail lists are called mail groups inside Lotus Notes. Go to Lotus Note desktop. Double click on MrN Address Book on MyServer (MrN = your name, MyServer = probably Local). From the tool bar, Action -> New -> Group. Fill in group name.… more »