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Comment from: Kris Roadruck [Visitor]
Kris Roadruck

Do I need to change any steps if Im installing on centos w/ cpanel instead of plesk?

07/08/11 @ 21:11
Comment from: davidnewcomb [Member]  

The short answer is I don’t know! Just posted an article describing the problems that were caused by inadvertently updating PHP ( Upgrading Plesk from PSA_10.2.0 to PSA_10.3.0 ).

The trouble with Plesk is that it uses bastardised versions of the normal rpms that have been slightly modified to do the same job just in a Plesk way so when you are using yum (and presumably other package manager helpers) it doesn’t know about the Plesk dependencies or the Plesk layout.

The Plesk maintenance update made certain assumptions, that weren’t true after the PHP update and so it screwed the update process. I’ve used CPanel and Ensim before and they all have their own rpms so you may fall into the same trap.

My PHP was upgraded by yum trying to update the mysql-devel rpms but you could avoid this step by downloading the mysql-devel tarball and referencing it directly when compiling the MySQL-python.

If you have a development server then try it on that first. If, like me, you only have one server then back *everything* up before you start!

07/09/11 @ 00:53

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