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Comment from: Stretch [Visitor]

Spring Project Builder and STS in general is utter shit

30/06/11 @ 15:42
Comment from: davidnewcomb [Member]  

I think that’s a little harsh. The good thing it does is produce an Eclipse with everything you need to write JEE applications. The Eclipse JEE doesn’t have any stuff to represent your object model graphically like STS does. STS also contains a lot of the stuff that you would normally have to download and install yourself. I’ve tried this before and you just get into dependency hell. You can be sure that everything that comes in that version works together.

I wrote the article when I was using STS 2.3. They are now on STS 2.6 which uses the Eclipse 3.6.2 platform.
So let’s hope it’s better!

30/06/11 @ 16:48
Comment from: Bigamy [Visitor]

Seriously man, you saved my life .. STS was giving me hard time for last 6 months … i was going nuts with hanging and slowness w/ 4GB RAM and SSD … you saved me bro … i disabled everything in Builders … damn it

02/02/12 @ 03:43
Comment from: pk [Visitor]

Thank you! This is STILL an issue - running v. 3.4

02/04/14 @ 18:57
Comment from: Jirka [Visitor]

Thank you very much!!! For the last few years I somehow didn’t have any problem, but now I upgraded to 3.7.2.RELEASE & Java 8 and this bug ruined my day.

19/12/15 @ 09:38

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