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Archives for: December 2007

Fixing PHP's require "open_basedir restriction in effect" on Plesk

December 30th, 2007
When moving from Ensim to Plesk I noticed that all my PHP programs stopped working. Every relative pathed file I had added to a require() statement errorred with the message: open_basedir restriction in effect I added the current directory ('.') to… more »

Incorrect "open_basedir restriction in effect"

December 30th, 2007
The documentation of require() on the PHP website is incorrect with regards to require()’s behavior. It says it is just like include(), but it isn’t. Include() takes the include path from the PHP variable include_path, but require() does… more »

Fedora Core 8 installation problems with a (Ubuntu) Dell Inspiron 530 N-Series install hangs on

December 30th, 2007
I bought one of those Ubuntu PC's that Dell are selling. It is the only PC Dell sell where you don't have to pay Micro$oft tax. Ubuntu is fine for a desktop but this was going to be a server. So popped on Fedora Core 8. I added another bigger hard dri… more »