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In response to: Which DD-WRT file to install

Comment from: Belkin Router [Visitor]

Belkin Router
Thanks for sharing such type of information. It helps the user. I use Belkin Router and I don’t understand Which DD-WRT file to install in my router. So, it helps the user.
16/08/18 @ 09:24

In response to: Change Power Plan when application starts

Comment from: [Member]

It sounds like files with the extension .ps1 are associated with Notepad and not Powershell. Right click the file in Explorer click Properties, then Change… from the General tab to change the file association Powershell.
30/05/18 @ 14:34

In response to: Change Power Plan when application starts

Comment from: Kusaywa [Visitor]

Followed the directions with no problem until I got to “Finally, add the program to your start menu Startup folder.” What am I adding to the Startup folder? I created a Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 file but when I place that in the Startup folder it only opens up in notepad. Any help would be appreciated as this is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks
15/05/18 @ 17:55

In response to: Rules of a ThreadPoolExecutor pool size

Comment from: Mina [Visitor]

Thanks a lot, but I have a question: core size= 1, max=2, queue capacity =2, if task 1 is running, task 2 and task 3 are in queue , then task 4 arrive , according your explanation a new thread created (growing threadpool ), which task come to new thread to run, task 2 or task 4?
12/05/18 @ 16:18
logistics app debugging tool

logistics app debugging tool - This tool allows you visualize/plot multiple points (lat, long)/(latitude, longitude) on the map. It also allows you to specify a shape (circle/square/marker), a color and a comment for each of the points. Only lat, long for each line is mandatory. Providing color, shape and comment is optional.


26/04/18 @ 11:30

In response to: Setting up company wide group calendars in Google Apps

Comment from: [Member]


The owner of a calendar may be changed. You add specific users to access the calendar and give them full rights. That user then changes the calendar settings to remove the original owner’s rights to the calendar. The calendar is transferred. Alternatively you can just export the calendar as iCal and import it into another account.

When someone leaves a company there is a formal process to handle it which may include revoking access to a number of other systems, door key entry, etc. You could just solve this with an extra step to reassign any calendars or in fact any Google Docs they might have to other people.

Typically you’d put all the shared calendars under the administrators account. This is the first email address used to create the Google account and, as far as I know, can’t be deleted.

Regarding creating extra accounts, the administrator can create an account which is impossible to login to. The administrator can then assign different users different levels of access to the various Apps available on that account.

I know one company that has 40,000 people in its Google Apps for Business account and it takes a small army to run it. There’s lots of administrator tools you can buy/licence from the Marketplace to help with these kinds of housekeeping jobs.

When you scale up like that you can afford your own developers and get them writing tools to help the business run it. The Google API is comprehensive; what you see in the admin pages is just a fraction of what functions are available.

12/01/18 @ 16:39

In response to: Setting up company wide group calendars in Google Apps

Comment from: Scott Williamson [Visitor]

Scott Williamson

In order to pull this off, you’re creating an ‘extra’ calendar on your account and sharing it with the company. What happens when you leave and your account is deactivated?

A) If the account goes away, how do you migrate this en masse all the events on a given calendar to a new vict- er, admin?

or, B) How do you create a group calendar this is user account independent without creating a dummy account that is a security problem waiting to happen?

11/01/18 @ 23:29

In response to: Configuring LS_COLORS

Comment from: Arc [Visitor]


Thank you for this.

I had a problem with a bright green highlight showing for the background color of directories on an NTFS drive. Changing the line in .dir_colors from:

OTHER_WRITABLE 34;42 # dir that …


OTHER_WRITABLE 94;40 # dir …

made it more bearable.

22/12/17 @ 01:36

There is an alias option to the arp command that prevents the entry from expiring, would that solve the issue, I have not bothered to test it, but I read from the remarks that an issue would be that the reservation will expire, add alias at the end and it will not?


14/12/17 @ 10:36

In response to: Copying files to a remote share on windows

Comment from: coren lean [Visitor]

coren lean
I used cwrsync for remote transfer. But the problem was that the transfer speed was quite slow. So I decided to shift to some reliable and efficient software. I found GS Richcopy 360 enterprise edition works really well. The source machine connects to destination machine via a single TCP port(good if you have a firewall environment). It has multi threaded file transfer mechanism, . Try it, hope it helps!
28/08/17 @ 20:48
It worked for the author because he disconnected the device and reconnected it within the window off the original DHCP lease so the device got the same IP. If the lease timed out before he reconnected there is a good change the IP would have already been given out to another device or a lower IP would have been available in the pool and given out instead.
20/03/17 @ 06:44

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any solution to this??

13/01/17 @ 08:54