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This article is now 12 years old. Clearcase is practically dead and git is the new king. I’ve been on git for the last 5 years or so but I still miss all the bundled tools you got with Clearcase for dealing with branches and cherry-picking commits. The first person to bleet on about cherry-picking gets a slap with a wet fish: this is corporate world and last minute deals are made by squeezing features in on to branches they were never supposed to be on!
26/01/21 @ 13:59

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Comment from: Alan G [Visitor]

Alan G
I agree with Pedro, 12 years and running, this post is still helpful to people. Thanks for writing it and sharing what you have learned. The crazy directory highlight/background color in Windows 10’s WSL Ubuntu 20.04 was driving me nuts.
29/12/20 @ 13:41

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Comment from: dave [Visitor]

download and use iDealshare VideoGo to split MP4 files into many tracks on Mac OS X Yosemite; it also applies to splitting MP4 videos on Windows.
15/07/20 @ 09:33

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Comment from: Tshering [Visitor]


HI. Please help me. when I run red5.sh, I get to see the following

ERROR 03-13 14:34:36.952 o.a.o.s.q.s.ReminderJob:115 [Bean#0_Worker-5] - DB seems to be down DEBUG 03-13 14:34:36.953 o.a.o.u.c.CryptProvider:39 [Bean#0_Worker-5] - getInstanceOfCrypt:: configKeyCryptClassName: null

13/03/20 @ 09:34
Cisco came up 2006 with version 7 for the ASA. 14 years later they thought they had enough people to let them do some nice-to-have features like DHCP reservation. 9.13 should do it. But we know, they wanted to bring back switching functions from the 5505 to 5506, what they never managed (Besides a lot of other things…). So I doubt that DHCP reservation will work on the asa very well. If at all… somehow.
09/03/20 @ 21:27

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Comment from: Do I know you? [Visitor]

Do I know you?
I guess it is the same with similar optical illusions: the lens of the eye is not flat (obviously) and therefore every straight line will be bent when hitting the retina. The fascinating “software” of the brain of course corrects these things into straight lines. (btw, your smartphone camera software will do the same.) But now there are no straight ones. What to do? Not only this, when moving your head / eyes the lens moves relative to the image. Of course focusing on another part of the image makes the lens refocus which causes it to deform causing again shifting of the lines. And when something is moving, even only seen in the corner of the eye, it will try to track that movement which causes another refocusing. In photography you get line distortions depending the focal length. Especially with lower focal length (wide angle). I believe that this page gives you a short impression on what line distortion is: https://clickitupanotch.com/lens-distortion/ I hope my explanations are close enough to the real phenomenon behind this optical illusion.
10/10/19 @ 16:48

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Comment from: just-a-omniorbpy-builder [Visitor]

I do not know since when (currently available version is 4.2.3) but omniORBpy provides a shell script that creates a package for you (copy built files):
sh src/lib/omniORBpy/bin/scripts/binrelease.sh
I use this for Windows builds. As this is a shell script one has to execute it in an environment that supports it (like Cygwin, etc.).
06/06/19 @ 15:12

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Comment from: Benny [Visitor]

Nice read! Yii uses MVC approach to developing applications. This is an extremely convenient approach where data, controlling and communicating processes and visual entities are kept completely separate, and the information is exchanged between them as required. This is a clean, efficient way of designing classes while developing, and keeps different kinds of code from getting mixed up.
15/02/19 @ 06:28