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Category: "Techie"

Installing VirtualBox, CentOS 5.4, Apache, PHP and MySQL

September 11th, 2012
I've recently done a project that uses load balancing. mod_proxy is a blog for another day but it was based on a LAMP stack. I install this all the time for lots of different projects. Some are development projects and some are just system administratio… more »

Firefox doesn't install UK English for British installations by default

September 10th, 2012
If you download Firefox from the main download page, the site doesn't detect that you are British. You get the standard American download. The result of this is that web sites detect your locale from your browser then layout internationalised content us… more »

Hibernate exception - attempted to assign id from null one-to-one property

April 26th, 2012
This was a tricky one to solve! Tricky because the exception doesn't happen at the point of error - it happens down the line at the time you try to commit a transaction. This is one of those error messages you just need to know. Here is the top of the exception's stack trace. Almost all of the rest of the stack trace is inside hibernate and doesn't give you any kind of clue as to the cause. more »

System administrator's page

March 30th, 2012 more »

Scripting with Windows PowerShell Part 4

July 3rd, 2011
I've kind of got used to Ed Wilson's chaotic style of presenting. He must be clever to achieve such a position inside Microsoft, but each of his presentations looks and feels as though he has done no preparation what so ever. It really comes over as off the cuff with all the problems associated with that. Here we are in part 4; in real time this is the fourth consecutive day he has presented and again it really feels like he hasn't bothered with his practice run. more »