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Logging into a unix box without a password

August 10th, 2012
From time to time I need to allow one user to log into another machine without being prompted for a password. This is extremely useful for anything that is automated for example doing the nightly backup which copies files across the network or running c… more »

Taking control of someone's PC using TeamViewer

July 17th, 2012
Taking control of someone's PC is a pretty straightforward affair these days and the people at TeamViewer have made it even easier. Basically there are 2 sides: the student (who has their computer controlled) and the master (who does the controlling). T… more »

Enabling Windows Remote Desktop

March 3rd, 2009
Windows Remote Desktop allows users to use a Windows computer while not sitting in front of it. This is ideal for remote support. For security this feature is not switched on in the standard installation and so must be explicitly activated. In order to… more »

Allow remote JMX management for Tomcat

January 19th, 2009
In order to switch on JMX to monitor a Tomcat instance you must firstly switch it on and then tell it what port to listen on. There is also optional support for user names and passwords. JMX helps with remote management and as a consequence will… more »