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Mastering the Quantel IDL

May 9th, 2012
Quantel is a company based in Newbury (England) that describes itself as: Quantel develops innovative, world-leading content creation systems for broadcast, post and DI. We are driven by a passion to create the most powerful and efficient tools for the… more »

Creative writing

December 2nd, 2011
Some while ago I was listening to Radio 4 and there was a woman plugin her new book. She was an experienced writer hadn't always been. She used to have a normal job and she signed up for a Creative Writing course at her local tech and has never looked b… more »

Fixing problems caused by updating Plesk

August 16th, 2011
I have so many blog articles relating to updating Parallels' Plesk that I'm creating this one to join them all together. I'll keep it up-to-date as I add them. Upgrading from Plesk 8.2 to 8.3 Plesk Awstat forgets the monthly statistics Upgrad… more »

Condensed: Scripting with Windows PowerShell

May 17th, 2011
I was really tired of using Windows DOS command prompt and had heard of "Windows PowerShell" (cue thunder and lightening in the background). Had a hunt around and found the "Scripting with Windows PowerShell" 5 part video tutorial done by Ed Wilson who… more »

Windows 7 Growing Pains

February 2nd, 2011
I haven't even got my own copy of Windows 7 yet. The I.T. department is rolling it out across the company and already my colleagues are complaining about its idiosyncrasies. Phrases like "What the hell is that green bar doing again?", "it keeps doing a d… more »