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Category: "System Admin"

Allowing users to logging in with keys

December 14th, 2015
I'm doing more and more work with SSH keys so I thought I'd share this little program with you. When I create a development server I set up SSH keys so that I'm not constantly typing in passwords as I copy stuff around. After creating a new virtual… more »

Apache Access forbidden with extended mac @ permissions

December 13th, 2015
I came across an interested file protection problem with environment. OSX, Firefox and tar are all involved but I can't tell which component is doing it. The problem manifested itself with Access forbidden messages from Apache. My objective is to… more »

Posix PHP commands not working under CentOS 7

December 8th, 2014
It took me a while to figure out why posix_getgid, posix_getegid, posix_getuid and posix_geteuid weren't working on my CentOS 7 installation of PHP. In fact none of the POSIX commands were available. PHPInfo revealed nothing, it didn't even mention… more »

Using mail aliases to provide a united front to customers

December 2nd, 2014
A huge company might have a support email address of Emails that are sent to this email address are not received by a single person and then forwarded to an account manager, they typically go into a customer management system. Their… more »

Sendmail takes ages to start

November 12th, 2014
I had a development server that was taking ages to start. I checked the /var/log/messages file which didn't reveal anything so I checked the /var/log/maillog which showed the following lines: Nov 11 16:16:11 myhost sendmail[1334]: My unqualified host… more »