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Glasgow Fright Fest 2018 Programme

January 12th, 2018
Preamble Thursday 1 March 2018 21:00 - 22:58 (98m / 1h 38m) Ghost Stories 22m 23:20 - 00:52 (92m / 1h 32m) UK Première - The Lodgers Friday 2 March 2018 13:30 - 15:16 (106m / 1h 46m) UK Première - The Wanderers: Quest Of The Demon Hunter… more »

Windows has reached the end of the road for me

July 29th, 2017
Over the last year I've noticed a general decline in my Windows 10 experience. It just seems to get worse and worse. I noticed it first when it constantly ignored its settings and installed all manner of crap in the background and rebooted when ever it… more »

SVN Cheat Sheet

February 22nd, 2017
I always think that using SVN is like using a really broken version of git. The fact that SVN allows you to checkout part of a tree and thus have any folder as the root of your source controller encourages developers to hack solutions which is probably… more »

Educating Yorkshire: One year on

February 22nd, 2017
Just finished watching "Educating Yorkshire: One year on". Still feel great empathy for Musharaf. People often ask me what it's like being dyslexic and it's like being Musharaf. All your will is constantly being exhausted trying to convert the pattern… more »

Peru tour - Day 9 Journey to Cusco

August 21st, 2016
Feel much better today, don't feel sick. Just have to wait for the Imodium to wear off so I can get back to my normal routine. Took a few photos from the 11th floor of the hotel after breakfast then got on the bus at 8am. Today we have a long drive to… more »