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Archives for: May 2011

Future learning bookmarks

May 20th, 2011
You know how you see an article and you think “ooh I’d love to play with that"? Well that’s what this article is about! The tutorial section contains links to comprehensive step-by-step walk throughs of setting up and getting started… more »

Scripting with Windows PowerShell Part 1

May 18th, 2011
Working with processes, services, and event logs Windows 7 is the only operating system that has Windows PowerShell and PowerShell ISE (developer environment) fully installed. The rest of the operating systems either have nothing installed or just ha… more »

Condensed: Scripting with Windows PowerShell

May 17th, 2011
I was really tired of using Windows DOS command prompt and had heard of "Windows PowerShell" (cue thunder and lightening in the background). Had a hunt around and found the "Scripting with Windows PowerShell" 5 part video tutorial done by Ed Wilson who… more »