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Comment from: SaravanaKumar V [Visitor]
SaravanaKumar V

Small Correction …

I guess the command should be …

cleartool find . -cview -version !“lbtype(MY_LABEL)” -print

03/08/11 @ 18:38
Comment from: davidnewcomb [Member]  

Not really, in this particular case the two commands are equivalent.
However, I suspect you are treating the quotes as brackets which is not correct. The quotes are to help the command line interpreter work out where the parameter boundaries are and have nothing to do with the expression syntax.
Both of the following commands return a list of everything as they check for the presence of the label and not the label:

cleartool find . -cview -version !"lbtype(MY_LABEL) || lbtype(MY_LABEL)" -print
cleartool find . -cview -version "!lbtype(MY_LABEL) || lbtype(MY_LABEL)" -print

I think you should keep the quotes on the outside to avoid confusion and it also allows you to add additional spaces to clarify the expression:

cleartool find . -cview -version "! (lbtype(MY_LABEL) || lbtype(MY_LABEL))" -print

04/08/11 @ 10:02

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