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Comment from: daniel [Visitor]

Hi David,

Thanks for posting that - I’ve put a link to your post here:

I hope it can help other developers!


– daniel

25/11/08 @ 16:29
Comment from: Andrew Swan [Visitor]
Andrew Swan

> tilde “~” is Un*x talk for your home directory.

Maybe true, but in Windows it simply indicates that some characters in a path had to be truncated because they exceeded the MS-DOS 8.3 character limit for file and directory names. So:


Is actually an abbreviated version of:

C:\Documents and Settings\davidne\Local Settings\Temp

You’ll find that this directory does in fact exist.

Hope this helps.

08/12/08 @ 22:40
Comment from: davidnewcomb [Member]  

I understand the DOS abbreviation and that there is a real directory but if your %TMP% folder contains tildes it just doesn’t work!

09/12/08 @ 00:49
Comment from: Mika Pussinen [Visitor]
Mika Pussinen

Thanks for the info. Helped me as well. Before I knew about this TMP environment variable fix only workaround was to tell jmxremote port explicitly in command line and use remote connection facility of jconsole.

* starting of java example app to examine: java -jar Notepad.jar
* starting of jconsole: jconsole localhost:8081

But after setting TMP to not tilde path everything worked fine without this remote connection workaround.

28/06/11 @ 13:22
Comment from: Mayank [Visitor]  

I am trying to connect to a remote machne using jconsole through windows command line. But not able to connect, here is the command I am using : jconsole host:38686 -J-usernema=admin -J-password=admin

07/09/11 @ 08:10

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