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Successfully helping small to medium sized businesses with all their technology needs since the year 2000.


BigSoft Limited has been providing quality I.T. services since the year 2000. We have a proven track record in helping businesses achieve their I.T. requirements. Telephone support, on-line problem logging and tracking are some of the services we use to help your company run more smoothly. We can be your external computer department.

Most of the solutions we provide use open source or 'free' software. These may range from using Linux on file servers to managing your desktop solutions with OpenOffice.

Network Infrastructure Installation

Do you find your existing computer network is too slow. Is your internet connection not quick enough? Do you want to share files securely over the internet. Do you have employees who work from home and need access to company servers. Don't worry BigSoft Limited can help. We have the skills to tailor a network solution to fit your needs.

On-Line Presence

In order to be considered for future business a website or some sort of web presence is fast becoming a standard requirement. Not every company needs a fully functional e-commerce site, but most will require at least a couple of pages describing what the company does. How do you know which you need? We can advise you.

Whether your requirements call for a couple of pages or a fully featured e-commerce site, then we can help.

Application Support

Not all companies can afford Microsoft Office for all the desktops, Microsoft Vista Server Edition for all the servers and Microsoft Exchange server for all the mail. But what is the alternative. Come and talk to us to discuss your options for a limited budget.

There is no need to compromise on the quality of services just because your budget is a bit smaller!


Everyone's company runs a little differently.  Have you ever thought "If only we had an application to do ...", well now you can. Online applications or standalone applications can be built. We can link with any of your existing products, to seamlessly become part of your work flow.

Our company has a great deal of experience with Quantel products and their APIs. If you are an automator then let us write the Quantel layer for you. Come and have a chat to find out how we could save you weeks of time on your project.