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TheSpanishIndex provides an online yellow pages resource for English speakers who live in Spain. It is a portal to many English speaking, Spanish companies providing services from Building to Plumbing or from Financial Advisers to Legal Services. It's all in one place.

TheSpanishIndex is also available in printed format.

What we do

We build and run TheSpanishIndexweb site. The site contains blogging software, property search, featured ads, vet-able reciprocal links pages, and a searchable index of advertisers.

Each advertiser can manage all their properties quickly and easily.


The application was built using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP stack). We used the open source product OpenX (phpAdsNew) for the banner delivery system. B2evolution for the blogging software.

All the selected technology were open source so once the end customer had paid for the application there were no re-occurring costs.