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Tchinessole Martins Pinto de Andrade is an Angolan fashion designer. Tchini is the result of a love affair... A love affair with people, with nature, with fabric, with design.

Web site

Tchini's web site was originally written as a Wordpress site. The previous developer had implemented it this way so that Tchinessole could edit each of the set pages.

Tchinessole wanted to add translations into Portuguese with the capability of adding more languages later. Her work appealed to people in Africa as well as the rest of the world so she had to choose carefully which languages to translate first using her limited budget. BigSoft's web analytic tools helped her make decisions on which other languages she wanted to add.

BigSoft Limited realised that if we kept the Wordpress backend we would have to create a separate skin linking to new pages for each translated page, thus recreating the whole site again for each language. We decided that the only cost effective way to proceed was to remove the Wordpress backend and recreate the site using a combination of PHP and static pages. We converted all the text content into named string variables and created a single file containing definitions for them all. We sent the file off to the translator.

When a visitor arrives at any page on the site, the site detects their language from their browser and displays the appropriate version of the site. The web site visitor could change the language if they wanted to and the rest of their visit would be shown in that language.