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Pro bono publico

We occasionally do pro bono work. Our last project was helping a Columbian local town's magazine web site. Cachira is a little town located in the middle of the mountains in Columbia. David Hdez runs the magazine site and he was clearly passionate about his town. It was interesting listening to him talk about promoting the town and bringing his community together through it. He spoke of watching the Tour de France and was leading a reforestation project to help make his town look more like the towns of Europe.

David contacted us after reading one of our blog articles Fixing PHP's require "open_basedir restriction in effect" on Plesk. They were having an "open_basedir restrictions in effect" problem on their Plesk server which was preventing their site from displaying images in certain directories. After a little negotiation on remuneration it became obvious that Columbia was a very poor country and the difference in our economies meant there was no amount of money that they could afford that would make it worth our while. Not wanting to see them struggling on, we decided to do the work for nothing.

Three days of emails later and they were very pleased indeed.