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The Internet is full of people who need help and support with all manner of problems. BigSoft Limited uses a lot of open source products inside our support and application solutions.

One big problem with open source is that most of the developers of the products don't like writing documentation! If I can't find a solution to a problem using the Internet then I document it with an easy to follow blog article. Our blog archive contains over 260 articles and gets tens of thousands of visitors a month. Topics range from newbie Windows support questions, work-a-rounds and new features to open source products.

Blog Comments

The readers of the blog articles ask questions which we try to answer, because this stuff is hard and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Most of the blog article comments are "Thank you"s but also receive a lot of complements. There follows a list of a few of our favourites:

Configuring Eclipse to use Tomcat and the Spring Framework

"Thanks so much for this article. It's often tough to find 'current' posts on how to set things up in eclipse but this one worked like a charm. Thanks again."

Sam Russell

Xming - X Server for Windows

"Thank you for the notes. 
Was a god sent. 
Tried doing it myself and failed."

Tom Harkin

Number 1 on Google

Some of our blog articles are top of the search rankings on Google. Just typing the relevant one word into Google search will bring the visitor to our site. As a result we get a lot of traffic.

LS_COLORS is an environment variable in the Unx shell which controls the colours of each file name in the directory listing based on extension or permissions. It is notoriously difficult to configure and the documentation for it is less than idea! Try searching Google for ls_colors and you will see Configuring LS_COLORS ranked 1 out of 807,000.

Another of our famous blog articles is that of the Dancing girl optical illusion we are ranked 1 of 10,700,000. Try typing "dancing girl illusion" (without the quote).

Helping Noble Causes

Due to the open source nature of the articles, our writing attracts many readers from nobler causes. BigSoft Limited is proud to help. This quote was left on our article titled Setting up company wide group calendars in Google Apps

"THANK YOU!!! This was driving me nuts. I have 16 calendars and 50 volunteers trying to rescue sea turtles but I could not seem to get the scheduling calendar to work until I read your tutorial... We just switched to google apps this season. You are helping us rescue thousands of sea turtle hatchlings!"

Justin Gould
Sea Turtle Oversight Protection